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Robert Pattinson in the Twilight Movie

With skin like marble, pale, ice cold, and sparkly in the sunlight, like millions of diamonds casting mini-rainbows everywhere – wait, what? Sparkly under the sunlight? Diamonds? Rainbows? Ri-ight. Okay, so maybe Stephenie Meyer’s hyperboles aren’t quite as effective as she wants them to be. And someone needs to tell her that sparkling rainbows and vampires don’t quite mix. Still, though, the hoards of fans she amassed must mean that she is doing something right. And perhaps that ‘something right’ is Edward Cullen – who, sans his sparkling skin, is actually charming, determined, handsome, and very much in love. He is what most girls envision as the perfect guy. And that alone was enough to make the series popular. Then add Bella, a simple girl-next-door type of female with brown hair, someone millions of girls can relate to, and you’ve got an instant success!

Still, though, much rides on Edward’s character. And Edward is such a perfect character that it was almost impossible to translate his character into the big screen. Actually, it is impossible. I doubt anybody can ever fully capture Edward’s physical beauty. And hello, sparkling rainbows on the skin, I highly doubt anyone could pull that off and still be manly. Still, though, for what it’s worth, Robert Pattinson did a wonderful job. His rendition of Edward was much darker than that in the book, but it worked quite well for the movie and really brought out this inner torment that Edward’s supposed to be feeling because of Bella.

Many fans agree that Robert Pattinson was Edward Cullen brought to life. He certainly has the chiseled, broody look described in the books. Although some fans were dissatisfied and kept saying that they should cast someone else because “Pattinson is Cedric, not Edward!”. Still, Pattinson is a great actor, and with his amazing performance, he did much more than prove them wrong, he won them over and a lot of them are now his fans. Although, I’m not entirely sure if this is a good thing. Rumor has it that Robert Pattinson, as well as Kristen Stewart, have been trying their very best to escape from the roles given to them. Both of them have been reported to be insulting the Twilight series in public, particularly its author, Stephenie Meyer.

Kristen has taken to insulting Twilight fans everywhere and Robert has said about the author that ‘She’s (Meyer) completely mad and she’s in love with her own fictional creation.’, that and along with several other insults. Still, though, they are both in the cast for the next movies and as things would have it, they have not yet been sacked and the producers seem to have no intention to. They’re practically stuck, and I don’t think that’s a good thing for the next installments of the movies. After all, how can you expect a good performance from people who don’t want the roles in the first place? It’s almost funny, because there are thousands of other actors who would just love to take their place.

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